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After having CBT you will be able to learn how to identify and change any disturbing or troublesome thought patterns that have a negative effect on your emotions and behaviour. Based in Northumberland, I provide CBT for clients in the North East and beyond. Due to Covid-19, all sessions are currently taking place online.


My cognitive behavioural therapy sessions are designed to help with many issues, including those listed below.


Anxiety often causes us to worry about every detail of life. CBT will help you to develop the skills to manage your life without endless worrying. The practices you will learn through therapy will allow you to enjoy your life in the present whilst improving your quality of sleep, concentration and mood.


If you are struggling with depression, I am here to help. Therapy provides a safe place, where you can openly talk about your feelings without being judged. Together we will identify why you are thinking and feeling this way, and I will give you the support and advice you need to improve your confidence, self-worth and quality of life.


Through CBT, we will identify where your fears come from and why you have those fears. We will manage your responses to what it is that you’re afraid of and I’ll give you the support you need to face those fears instead of avoiding them altogether, so you will be able to live without fearing them in the future.


Therapy sessions are a place you can share your experiences. CBT will help you to process your traumatic memories and what situations trigger them. I will give you guidance that will allow you to put these memories to the back of your mind and reclaim control of your life.

I also offer EMDR which is suitable for a wide range of problems and issues. Find out more about that here.

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